Top 4 reasons to blog today according to experts

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Did you know that, every day, hundreds of thousands of blogs are created? That’s a lot of blogs right? With so many blogs being created and developed on a daily basis, there are many users who ask themselves the question should I start my own blog? I’m sure that right now there are several reasons to write and create a blog for your head, and even to do it seriously and live from it (because you can).

If you already know something about me , throughout my life I have used and abandoned many vocations and hobbies. As I have always been a very curious and hardworking person (that kind of people who never stop doing things) I have done almost everything . No matter what it was, I did it. To put coffees and drinks in a bar or terrace, to unload trucks at 5 am, to serve tables in communions and weddings were my first works. I have also been a scholar (in different companies), commercial, manager and director.

All that background has shaped my person for many years, but none of them has molded my being so much, given me so much freedom and fullness or brought me the influence and financial stability like blogging . That I’m a big fan of blogging is something I’m sure you already know, but this time I want to share with you what my classmates think.

All, one by one, are great professionals , and take the topic of blogging to another level (in fact, many of them are bloggers , like me). When I contacted them, I asked them to answer a simple question: “Why would you create a blog? Always from your expert point of view. ” The answers will not leave you indifferent, I assure you, because they are all hallucinating. Without more, I leave the reasons for the weight to start a blog, according to blogging experts .

Why would you create a blog?

It seems clear that a blog is good for many things, but above all, to create or improve your personal brand , gain visibility online, get a position in your industry, networking and develop as a professional or individual.

More reasons to create your blog today

1. Helps you learn new things continuously

Blogging is about teaching or sharing what you already know and what you learn from day to day . When you start a blog , you will see that you do not stop learning new things about the areas in which you have special interest, so that you never get “dry” ideas, since there is a continuous recycling (vital to survive in the digital environment ). Think of it this way, when you wash dirty clothes, your goal is to clean clothes, not your hands, but in the process the hands are the ones that are first cleaned.

At last, after all, you stop learning and evolve . It is very important that this never ceases, since it is a way for your head to be full of new ideas and new goals that you can translate into the blog in the short and medium term (even in the long term).

2. Makes you think in a clearer and more concise way

The ability to think clearly and generate ideas is one of the most important skills in the professional and personal field. However, unfortunately, it is something that you are not taught in school (at least in mine). The blog succeeds in filling this void, as it helps you develop your mental muscles exponentially.

Things that will help you practice? Very easy, to reflect on your life and your relationships. If you want to go a little further, reflect on the society in which you live. So you can have an intellectual relationship with other people and relate to them, appreciate the strengths in their arguments and point out the defects in them. You can also begin to appreciate the differences between what, why and how, the nexus and disparity between excuses and justifications, and so on.

3. Helps you write better and more fluidly

There are several things that have improved my mastery of writing in recent years, but none of them has challenged me as much as the blog. The reason is simple, mastering writing comes with constant practice and a blog does just that. In the book On Writing , Stephen King describes how he could not once write for several weeks because of an accident and how, when he started writing again, his words did not flow as well as he thought.

This is how inconsistency weakens the metal muscle of writing, and that’s why the blog, which allows you to write regularly, helps you write better .

4. If you are consistent, I can help you make money

Have you ever wondered if you can really make money with a blog ? Today, thanks to the development of information technologies and the rapid expansion of the internet, making money with a blog is possible and more and more are being targeted at this practice.

One of the most important parts is that you are able to organize well , that you are clear about your responsibilities and that you keep the commitment to fulfill all your tasks , since as you know you will not have a boss behind you to tell you how and when to do things , You will be your own boss .

Although everything that glitters is not always gold, it is possible to earn money in a legal and decent way (without deceiving anyone) with a blog. Obviously, before you begin to have good results you will have to find the type of blog that best suits you , and you will have to learn how it works and refresh it a bit. Money will not fall from the sky, but if you work steadily on it and you strive hard enough, you can start to have good results in the short or medium term .


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