Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Set Up an Online Store

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS globally. Apart from using it for blogging, it can also be used to build an online store. Here you will see the top 10 best WordPress plugins to setup an online store.

Once WordPress is installed and configured, you must choose a plugin to set up your online store. Normally, many will advise you to choose a theme first, since that conditions the plugin that you can use. In my opinion, deciding which plugin to use is something much more important as it will determine the type of store you are going to create and what you can do with it. Although there are many plugins to build online stores for WordPress , I’ll tell you exactly which ones you should keep in mind.

#1. Cart66

offers a free version and a professional version with different licensing options to choose from. The free version includes the basic features for an electronic commerce such as order management, promotions, tax and shipping management, multi-currency support, customizable email reports and much more.

Cart66 also has some features that make it a unique wordpress plugin and one of the best options depending on the needs of your ecommerce project . The professional version supports periodic payments and member access and integrates with the popular Gravity Forms plugin .

# 2 Ecwid

A free and complete shopping cart plugin , Ecwid is incredibly easy to use and can be configured in 5 minutes. You can install this plugin on your WordPress page, on your Facebook page and even set it up for use on mobile devices. The “mirror” function allows you to manage the purchase from many pages from a central control panel.

In addition to the free plan with the standard e- commerce features , Ecwid offers premium plans starting at $ 15 a month that offer the possibility of volume discounts, discount bonuses, inventory management and mor

# 3 eShop

EShop is a free e-commerce plugin that has been downloaded more than half a million times. It includes features such as multiple product options, basic statistics and sales data, shipping and sales tax options, configurable email templates, basic inventory control, and more.

# 4 JigoShop

igoShop is a WordPress plugin that allows you to have an online store easily and without complications. Just fill in some fields, go uploading pictures of articles and you’ll have your online store ready in few steps . With JigoShop you will have all the power of WordPress combined with the simplicity of a plugin, generating a simple and very powerful combination.

# 5 Woocommerce

From one of the creators of the most famous premium templates for WordPress (Woothemes), they have created an ecommerce plugin called Woocommerce . Woocommerce is a fork of JigoShop, or what is the same, is a plugin based on the plugin of JigoShop.

# 6 Shopp

Shopp is a premium plugin that has been on the market for years and has become one of the most popular e-commerce plugins for several years. An individual license, for a single web page, is available for $ 75. The developer plugin option comes out for $ 299. Some of its features include discount bonuses, tax and shipping controls, related products, RSS feeds, different types of views, order management, email notifications, integration with many payment gateways and more.

# 7 WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to set up an online store in a few steps to be able to sell your products almost instantaneously. It has the most used systems for online payments and the only catch of the plugin is that it is in English.

Although it is a free plugin, it has some limitations that can be unlocked by buying the plugin in its gold version , which costs $ 47. This will allow us to upload multiple images for a single product, implement a search engine in stock, etc

# 8 TheCartPress

This plugin for online stores is the simplest and least known of all. One of its advantages is that it has the possibility of buying payment gateways for the different banks.

TheCartPress is a good option if you need a payment gateway from a Spanish bank , but in return it is not as well known and used by the WordPress community.

As a rule, WooCommerce is the best option . It is a mature and robust plugin, with a great support and a lot of themes available for download. Although it can be a little complex to use, it is a very versatile option for those who want a low cost online store . I use it very often in my web projects, although I warn you that it has limitations if compared to other software to build your online stores.

Anyway, that does not mean that you do not have good plugins. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, and it will be your job to value and choose them. I only give you my opinion.

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