20 Online Jobs You Can Do from Home to Generate Additional Income

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If you have internet access and want to generate additional income from your home , this article is for you. The situation is difficult for many individuals and families find it hard to get to the end of the month, often because the crisis has left them unemployed, or because you are simply a student and need a few extra dollars or simply because office work is not what you want.

So I want to put my little bit and tell you that the Internet is full of opportunities and can help you earn money easily. I want to offer you different work ideas and practical tips to make money fast from the comfort of your home. If you are good, not only will you get out of trouble, if you are ingenious you could even make a small fortune . Why not give a try? You do not have anything to loose !.

Today, thanks to the development of information technologies and the rapid expansion of the internet , making money from home is easy and more people are doing it. All you need o work from home is that you organize well , be responsible and keep the commitment with yourself to fulfill all your tasks , because as you know you will not have a boss behind you to tell you how and when Do things, you will be your own boss . On the other hand, one of the great advantages of working from home is that you will get rid of tedious office hours , which will help you lead a more comfortable and pleasant life with your family and friends.

Likewise, if you want to get quick money from home first you are going to need an internet access and/or a phone line . Of course, in all cases I recommend you prepare a comfortable space and free of distractions that allows you to concentrate on your tasks .

In fact, there are certain jobs where you will have to leave home, although this will depend on which one you feel most comfortable with. The most accessible sector to make money fast and easy from home is what Digital Marketing and Social Media. But like all work, you will have your risks and obstacles that, at some point, will make you weak. Do not worry, it’s normal, in the end the important thing is that you will like to go ahead and strive to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind that, any of the work you start, success will depend a lot on the desire you put. Here are some ideas that will surely inspire you. While it is unlikely that you will become a millionaire overnight, you will surely gain some extra money that will help you make ends meet. Well then, without further ado, let’s see how to make quick money from your home .

# 1 Create an online store

Do you like business? If the answer is yes, this could be the perfect job for you. Nowadays it is very easy to create an online store . If you ask yourself what to sell or if you do not have the money to make an initial investment and buy products to resell, you can do a cleaning in your house and start selling the items that you do not use anymore . Always remember that the trash of some is the treasure of others, so surely there are many people out there interested in buying your things. Another option is to sell your own creations . If you are good at something, such as doing crafts and crafts or making clothes, you can sell products made by yourself .

Once you have earned some money you can invest it in buying other types of products . You must find a niche market and choose what types of products you will sell. You can have your own store thanks to an ecommerce platform or you can sell through great sites like eBay. Become an online marketer and start earning money by selling!

# 2 Translate documents online

Are you bilingual or do you master a second language at an advanced level ? If this is your case, you can start making money online by translating documents . There are many sites that pay for translation services and in most cases you do not need to be an expert.

You simply have to master a second language so that you can pass the test in order to start working. Usually they are very simple texts, short and without too technical vocabulary. Some of the most popular pages you can register to start translating and make money are Gengo , Tomedes and One Hour Translation . There are many more, just take a few minutes to surf the internet to discover more. Always make sure they are reliable sites and do not ask you for any upfront investments (sites requesting initial investments to work are usually fraudulent).

# 3 Virtual assistance or online tutoring

If you are an expert in some subject you can start tutoring online . Many business people need people to help them with basic administrative tasks , such as sending emails, calling, entering data, managing schedules, editing documents, among other things. If you wonder where you can get a job of this type you should take a few minutes to visit job portals for freelancers . Many employers who need virtual assistants, both short- and long-term, post job advertisements on these sites. Usually only some very basic knowledge is needed and the tasks are simple. The best thing is that you can make money from the comfort of your home.

There are also many students who need help with certain subjects to pass their courses. If you like history, geography, mathematics or any other topic especially do not hesitate to start offering your help and make money for it . Today video calling programs, such as Skype or Google Hangouts, allow us to communicate at a distance for free, so you can offer online tutoring from the comfort of your home .

# 4 Teaching languages ​​online

This idea is a combination of the two previous points. If you are an expert in a second language and you like teaching you can help those who want to learn the language . Remember that English is one of the languages ​​most needed today, so the demand for teachers is greater. You can also teach Spanish. Thanks to the video call programs you can connect with people who are abroad and want or need to learn Spanish.

As a means of payment, you can ask your students to make deposits into your bank account . Be sure to study market prices to establish fair values. Keep in mind that it is usually charged per teaching hour.

# 5 Create a Successful Blog

You can create your blog where you can write about a topic that you are passionate about or about some of your hobbies. This work, although it may seem easy, requires a lot of effort, dedication and above all much constancy. It may be a long time before you start making money and waiting can be frustrating, but it will be very rewarding to see how you will gradually gain popularity … and money .

If you are consistent and upload high quality content, your blog will start to be recognized and you will start having traffic. Once you earn traffic you can begin to offer advertising space on your page , promoting third parties in your articles and charging for it . One of the most popular platforms used to create blogs is WordPress . It is a very easy to use tool and totally free. In this way you will be earning money by sharing your knowledge about something that you are passionate about. You will never get bored with your job.

# 6 Become a Community Manager

Community managers or managers / managers of social networks are those who manage social media companies such as web forums, blogs, magazines, content aggregators, content exchange sites, social networks, microblogging sites and many others.

Many times companies do not have time to carry out this activity that today is vital, so they outsource this service and hire people to do it for them. If you like communication, markeitng, social networks and you have common sense you will surely be able to exercise this work.

Today there is a lot of information on the internet related to this subject, so surely you can become self-taught and learn a lot. There are also a variety of short courses with which you can learn the basics.

# 7 Sell pictures

Do you like photography ? If the answer is yes you can start making money from home by selling your photos online . There are several companies that sell pictures online . If you wonder how it works, then it is simple. You retain ownership of the copyright and give the use of the photos to the buyer through a very wide variety of licenses. Do not worry if you are not a professional photographer as these companies also buy photographs of amateurs

# 8 Customer Service

# 9 Monetize your social profiles

# 10 Become a youtuber

# 11 Earn money by clicking

# 12 Drop Shipping

# 13 Test your applications or products online

# 14 Works from home as a copywriter

# 15 Make money as a freelancer

# 16 Manage online advertising campaigns

# 17 Promote and sell affiliate products and services

# 18 Create and sell your own Ebook

# 19 Transcribe audio and / or videos

# 20 Online Surveys

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