Making a Professional Blog: Reasons You should Start a Blog and Few Tools You Will Need to Make Money from it

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In the world of blogging , you will see very often, the word “blog”, which comes to be an online journal.  A “blogger”, which is nothing more than the owner and blog manager, and “blogging”, which comes to be the act of creating content for the blog.

You can be what you want: a blogger doing blogging in a blog , a blog that talks about a blogger who does blogging or a blog of blogging about a blogger , you decide. Whatever you do, you are going to discover the impact that this type of communication has had around the world, since it gives you the possibility to publish specific news and information to satisfy the interests of the market niche that you have chosen.

Making a professional blog is easier than it sounds, and if you have an expert blogger nearby, the road is much more easier and comfortable. During the process you will get a million questions and doubts (otherwise it would be strange), so do not worry because I will be giving you the encouragement and advice you need. What I do want from you is commitment, effort and time . Let’s start with the first steps you have to take before even thinking about registering a domain, buying a web host or choosing an online platform to set up your blog.

When you start a house, you start it with a good foundation, right? Well the process of building a blog too, so, to get off to a good start and prepared for what comes in each of the chapters, you must have a collection of tools and services online , most of them totally free .

There is no better way to start making your own blog than by understanding what you are going to do. A blog is a type of web page that is usually arranged in chronological order , showing the most recent posts, articles or entries at the top of the main page and the oldest at the bottom.

To a blog, which is the abbreviation of the word weblog , it is known as many things: digital magazine, newspaper, news, meeting place, showcase, information exchange site, source of wisdom, place to learn and much more . A typical blog combines text, images, videos and links to other blogs, pages and media . A blog allows (or at least should) users to leave their comments and communicate directly with the author . In fact, dialogue and interaction are an essential part of any successful blog.

Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Still not sure why or why to create a blog ? There are dozens of reasons why you should start a blog.

1. Improve Personal Branding

Creating a blog and being constant in its maintenance, promotion and dissemination, allows you to create and improve a personal brand that is very visible and strong on the Internet.

2. Position yourself as an Expert

When writing in a blog and creating content, you share your knowledge and experience on different topics, which helps you position yourself as an authority in that niche

3. Connect with other professionals

A blog facilitates the connection and the networking with other bloggers and influencers in the same niche . In this way, you can go to events related to your area of expertise.

4. Create and sell products

With a blog, apart from publishing articles for your readers, you can create digital products (ebooks, audios, videos), sell them to a lot of people and make money.

5. Attract more customers

A blog allows you to strengthen your relationship with your customers and / or prospects by giving them value, improve communication and “engaging” them to buy your products or services.

6. Get a good job

Yes, having a good blog can make companies want to hire your services . To do this, do not forget to have a section where you tell something about yourself.

Few Tools You Need to start a blog Now

Sometimes it will be to create an account and others to simply make a visit to the page, but I will explain to you step by step . What I’m going to do is make you a list of the most important ones to start with.

1. Gmail is one of the most advanced email managers on the internet. The reason for “compelling” you to create an account in Gmail is because there are many Google services whose use happens to have an account in this mail service .

2. Google Analytics is a free statistics service for web pages and blogs. It offers information grouped according to the interests of three different types of people involved in the functioning of a page: executives, marketing technicians and webmasters.

3. Google Adwords is the program that Google uses to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers. You only need access to your keyword planner , with which you can access the number of searches for keywords.

4. Search Console (Webmaster tools until recently) is an SEO tool is of obligatory use. In addition to being free , it offers a lot of valuable and important information (which other tools can not offer), since it is a direct and bidirectionally connected with Google .

5. Semrush is one of the best tools to “spy on” the SEM strategy (affiliate link) of your competition . It allows you to analyze the positioning of keywords, analyze SEM campaigns of your competitors, search and analysis of keywords possibilities and much more.

5. Market Samurai is an SEO tool designed to make the tedious process of keyword research much easier and faster. It also allows you to carry out the organic positioning and tracking strategy of your project.


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