How to make Money with YouTube

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In case you are really looking for a way to make money online , YouTube can become a good choice. YouTube is the audiovisual social network par excellence, and is a platform that is visited every day by millions of people , so your chances of making money are quite huge. Google earns more than $ 4 billion annually with the advertising on videos that users upload

YouTube is one of the most well-known websites on the Internet that people come to when they want to watch a video of something. If you have the right equipment to shoot a movie at home, you have a chance to start a lucrative business, simply by filming videos and uploading them to YouTube.

A youtuber is someone who uploads videos to the Internet (always to Youtube), with the intention, in principle, to share it with friends. Over time, and as long as these videos have a particular particularity (the concept of creation comes into play), these works can bring a high number of visits. That’s when a youtuber can start earning money .

If a normal user like you is created in a YouTube account and uploads several videos, do not go ahead, because that does not mean that you will not win a euro, whether you have that video a visit or several million. If you want to devote yourself to this world and get rich, or at least earn a decent salary, you have to follow a series of steps. I’m going to show you some famous Youtubers in the world.

How can you make money online with You Tube?

YouTube gives you the opportunity to earn money in two ways. One is by using this platform to attract customers to an established business and the other way by signing up for the advertising payment program.

We will start by describing how Yutube can work to attract sales for an existing business. If you can record short videos related to your business, always making sure to include the URL of your website in the same video, you can expect to receive more traffic to your website.

Say, for example, you run a website that sells all kinds of cosmetic items, then you should show a video with people who use these cosmetics.

The key is to think visually. Not only do you have to sit in front of the camera and talk about something, but you have to do it. Always remember this when you are thinking of ideas for making a video, this way you will get better results.

In this sense, you are not making money directly from YouTube, but rather you are using it as a way to make money elsewhere. This is a great tool to attract attention and channeling people to your business. You cannot really promote your business directly on the site anyway, so it is best to focus on how you can get the attention of people to whom you could sell your products or services to. Once you find the people who are looking for the products that you sell, they will gladly visit your site.

Now if you do not have a traditional business but have one online, you can promote your affiliate products through YouTube. By inserting the Web address of your site in the same video or also in the part of the side where the information of the video comes out.

As long as you are promoting something that is relevant to what you are selling you will get a good amount of traffic towards your website. Please note that the videos must be original.

The other option is very simple. You first have to sign up for the pay per click program, and every time people click on the advertisements shown on their videos, you get compensation. This works much like the AdSense program.

The best part is that Google does not take all the money, since it has a benefit-sharing system, so if you are an active and a little bit of a smart user, you can benefit from this distribution. Although getting thousands of dollars is probably not realistic, you can start making quick money on Youtube in a matter of days , especially if you have a strong subscriber base. I’ll explain the steps you have to follow to make money with this social network.

1 # Create a YouTube account

As with all other Google services , such as Analytics , Search Console or Drive , your YouTube account needs a Gmail account to access and start working. To do this you have two options, you can create a new Gmail account or use an account you already have. Once you have it, these are the steps you should follow.

# 2 Configure your YouTube channel revenue

This step is vital if you want to start making money with your YouTube channel . As a YouTube partner you can monetize your channel videos for revenue (This is just letting YouTube advertise your ads). Would you like to become one? First of all, you should check that your channel qualifies, and then find out how to participate in the program. Then find out how to enable the videos that are eligible for income.

To see if your channel is eligible to activate monetization go to the “Monetization” tab in the channel settings and click on ” Activate the monetization program in my account ” . You will only see this option if your account is in good condition and you have the option enabled.

Note : If your account is not eligible for income, you will see another message. In this article you will discover why you have been disabled in your account and what you can do about it

# 3 Become a YouTube Partner

This is something that not everyone can get, but it’s something that you should aim for . YouTube members monetizing videos that many subscribers can convert to YouTube Partners . If you become a Partner you will have greater access to tools to create content, and even you can win prizes for the number of viewers you have. In addition, you will have more support from the community, getting tips and tricks.

Note : To be able to join the YouTube Partners program you will need to have accumulated 15,000 hours of video on your channel in the last three months.

# 4 Create a Google AdSense account

This is something you must do to be able to charge for the advertising that is in your videos . Setting up a Google AdSense account is free, so do not worry about printouts. You must be 18 or older to be able to do so, otherwise you will need the help of an adult.

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