How to Make Money Writing – Program Review

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In this post I do a review of the Make Money Writing program . I will give you a detailed description of how exactly that program works.

Today, there are thousands of companies across the globe looking for people who are willing to write simple articles for them. The demand for text content is growing more and more on the Internet.

Making money writing is the desire of many people, but most do not know where to start or where to go on the Web.  Turning your talent into cash has never been easier than it is today, thanks to the ease of access and delivery offered by the Internet. Without further detours, I immediately start reviewing the program that teaches you how to earn money by writing.

The dynamics of the GDE method is very simple to understand and works as follows. You pay $ 77 USD and this entitles you to a lifetime membership. At the moment of finalizing the purchase of your membership you will receive an email with all the data of access to the private area of ​​members. Then follow the instructions to start working.

Here are the various benefits of membership: including where to find these jobs, what you will learn, what you will need, how you will receive your earnings, and how to withdraw them.

Contact list. You will have access to an extensive and exclusive list of contacts, which is composed of hundreds of proposals for freelance editors. The best thing is that it does not matter where you live since the companies or individuals who are looking for writers do not care where they are writing their content, provided they do what they want, the rest is left over.

List of contacts in English . You will also have access to the contact database in English. There is an enormous abundance of North American organizations that are looking for writers all over the world.

Work for blogging networks. The opportunity to be hired by a couple of companies that manage blog networks. Most of them pay for volume of written articles. There are also others that offer a stable salary. You choose what suits you best.

Work as a freelancer . Another option they give is to work as a micro-freelancer, which are small jobs of short duration, can be between 30 minutes to an hour, but here the good thing is that the payment is immediate.
You will learn

Professional writing . You will learn how to write articles in a 100% professional way, even if you have not done it before. You will be able to write about topics you like. They could be related to sports, business, health, relationships, hobbies, cooking, technology, travel, languages, self-help, education, politics or any other subject.

Speed ​​for writing. They teach you how to write 500 word articles in minutes. You will be trained to increase the speed of your writing gradually.

Avoid mental blocking . Training to avoid feeling blocked or with the mind blank.

Research online. How to conduct online research in a few minutes. You only need to use 3 main sources. They tell you what they are.

Sketches. How to make sketches to write texts quickly. Here are examples of different types of article templates that can be used.

Transcription . How to reproduce 1 article in several. This will help you multiply your writing almost instantly and increase your profits exponentially.

Promote. How to promote your services effectively. What you have to do and what you should not do.

Writers are accepted everywhere in the world and the requirements are:

• Be of legal age. (18 years or more).
• You must have access to the Internet.
• Have at least one hour a day. (Minimum time).
• Suitable for simple instructions.
• Responsible for work commitments.

If you meet the simple requirements mentioned, then you just have to register. You can do this right now and start learning so you can choose the jobs that you are offered.
Receive Payments

• The vast majority of payments (99%) are received electronically via Paypal.
• Earnings will be remitted to you in dollars, euros, Mexican pesos, Chilean, Colombian, Peruvian soles, or in whatever your local currency. If you live in a Latin American country, you will benefit greatly from the currency exchange.

Withdrawal of income

• They will teach you how to obtain a debit card and that it is sent directly to your home to withdraw the profits from any ATM around the world. With this, the dilemma of the limitations to receive payments via Paypal is solved.

Very important note: this option is about taking out a virtual bank account in USA that entitles you to receive payments from anywhere in the world via Paypal using a debit card. Please do not take this step until you know that you will receive your first payment with a minimum of $ 35. Before you just worry about working.

Steps to take to start

1- The first thing is to pay for the membership.
2- Receive access to the members area via e-mail.
3- Follow the instructions provided to members.
4- Do your writing assignments.
5- Receive your money via Paypal.

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