How to Make Money Selling Photos Online

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Whether you are a professional photographer, photography is your hobby, or you simply have a digital camera and you like to take photos, a way to make money on the Internet by doing what you like, is selling your photos on the Internet through Specialized sites that are responsible for selling your photos to publishers of magazines, web designers, businesses, or anyone who requires images.

With this way of earning money, we may not make ourselves millionaires, but we will probably be able to earn some extra money; That is, as long as our images are attractive and of good quality, and we manage to sell many of them.

Some of these best known and recommended sites are:

1. IStockphoto ( ): one of the best known and most visited photo stock websites.  It gives 20% of the sales. This are increased to 40% if wyou become an exclusive contributors on the site.

2. Stockxpert ( ): another of the best known and most visited visitors, although not as much as the previous site. They are equally demanding when evaluating the images that one presents. Offers 50% of sales.

3. Fotolia ( ): they are not so demanding when evaluating the images that one presents, which gives us greater probabilities of qualifying. It presents a simple and quick process to upload the photos. It does not have as many visits as other sites, but it offers 33% of the sales, being able to increase to 64% if one decides to be exclusive contributor of the site. It has a Spanish version.

4. Shutterstock ( ): For many it is the best option. You may not have as many visits as other sites, but it has a favorable sales system for the contributor. The commission that pays is US $ 0.25 for each image sold, and can reach US $ 0.30 once we have achieved sales for US $ 500. It has a Spanish version.

4. Dreamstime : ( ): Gives of the biggest benefits to its contributors. It offers a percentage of 50% of the sales, being able to increase as it increases the times in which the images are downloaded. It also offers some bonuses. It presents a simple process to organize and categorize the images.

6. BigStockPhoto ( ): small company compared to others, but with good potential. It also presents a simple process to upload and categorize the images. It is not so demanding when evaluating the images that one is present. Give 0.5 to 1 dollar for each downloaded image.

These are some of the best known sites, however, there are many more; Before deciding on any of them, we must take our time and read well their requirements and the payment system they offer, always trying to choose with the greatest benefits in the shortest possible time.

To start selling photos via the Internet the perfect place to start is the istockphoto page.

Here are the steps to take to get started in this type of online sale:

1- Register

To work with this company, you have to start by becoming a member. Check-in is totally free.

2- Send them a request for collaboration

It should explain what kind of files you want to sell, whether it’s photos, illustrations, Flash, videos or audio. They provide you with a manual explaining the process. You should read it to learn the most important basic details and finally need to take a test to let you know what your level of knowledge in photography.

3- Send them 3 samples of their creations

Once you have passed the required exam, they will ask you to send them three samples (you must proportional the originals) of the work you have done.

If you take this activity seriously, it is really dedicated and you are a very creative person you could become one of the many members of the company that are dedicated to selling photos online part time.

They have international partners scattered in many places around the world who are always ready to help you with tips and strategies. For this you have a forum where you can contact members of experience to ask any questions that arise.

How much is the compensation offered by this online photo company?

The organization pays the members who collaborate, a commission of 15% for each file that users download. Now if you are one of the exclusive partners you have possibilities of getting payments up to 45% for each file that people are downloading.

To register with this entity, visit:

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