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How to buy and sell online without investing in products? You have probably seen sales pages on Mercadolibre or eBay that offer a lot of branded items with discount prices through auctions. Perhaps you have wondered where and how do these sellers get their merchandise and then are able to sell it so cheaply? Well, these sellers buy their wholesale products through wholesalers using a method called dropshipping.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a technique of retail sales where the retailer does not keep merchandise in his power, but transfers responsibility for shipments of products and fulfillment of customer orders to a wholesaler or distributor.
The retailer earns money from the difference in the price of the retail product and the price of the wholesaler. The wholesaler or distributor, for its part, saves money by not operating a retail store and having to pay a seller to sell the products.

Anyone can start selling through this method and make money using it. You can start listing articles in your virtual store or website as soon as you decide. Most people will be able to do all this without problems as it is a relatively simple and structured process.

What can be sold online using this system?

You can sell anything, whether clothing, shoes, baby items, electronics, books, perfumes, video games, watches, kitchen accessories, figures, glasses, sports stuff, bags, toys, school stationery, Keychains, posters, etc. You decide.
Before starting

Before contacting dropshipping and have decided which company is going to work and before choosing the products you want to sell you need to consider obtaining a domain name and web hosting for your business and setting up an online store. The Web store is the functional part of the system. It is what your customers see to make the decision to buy. In addition, you must establish a merchant account with Paypal so you can start accepting large sums of money and your customers do not have to leave your site to make payments when they buy.

Of course, you can sell your products through auction sites like Mercadolibre or eBay, however, the commissions on your sales are going to be greatly reduced since you will have to pay a percentage of commission to these companies for each sale you make.

2 important reasons why you should have your own ecommerce store

A) Customers feel secure when they see that they are buying from a formal company that has a professional website.
B) It is much less work for you when you have a sales page where you can easily add new products.

It is important that you create a professional site and this you can achieve by using the WordPress platform by installing a WordPress theme theme to create ecommerce shops like this .

In the past, it was necessary to know coding to make a professional website. Nowadays things have changed a lot and you can have your online store ready in a matter of minutes. Now, things are more or less automated. This is the simple process to create an online sales website:

• Get a domain and hosting
• Install WordPress
• Install an ecommerce theme
• Configure the ecommerce theme
• Add your products

Many of the dropshipers have for sale online stores which they offer to customers. You are strongly advised not to hire one of them for the following reasons:

• It has to be programmer, they are difficult to create and to automate.
• Limited features
• Possibilities for limited design changes
• You do not have full control of your page.
• The price is usually expensive because they offer them with the incentive to earn money, however creating and maintaining your own ecommerce page costs you $ 6.95 per month, $ 83.40 per year.
• If for any reason you decide to change dropshipper, you must re-create another virtual store from scratch.

Obviously we provide you with the information and it is you who must make the decision regarding where to get your ecommerce website.
What will be your job?

2- Receive the orders.
3- Order directly with your dropshipping provider.
4- Pay the dropshipper with the money you get from each client.
The dropshipper job

1- Your dropshipper handles the orders
2- Process your orders
3- Search for your products
4- Provides new products when inventory runs out
5- Packages the orders
6- Add an invoice with your name
7- Send packages to your customers on your behalf

As you can see this process is very simple and your work is minimal. Apart from this it does not require investment of your part by the orders.
List of dropshippers online

– gift articles
– videogames
– perfumes
– Plá of everything
– Solar-Powered Gadgets
– baby products wholesaler
– a little bit of everything

When you have decided on a dropshipper, I recommend you try it first. Request a small order to your personal address and evaluate how well it works.

Things to keep in mind:

Shipping time. Is it really what you promise?
The package. Is it properly wrapped?
The invoice. Is it placed inside the package with the correct prices?
Advantages of having a dropshipping business

There is no inventory . You do not have to rent a space to keep inventory or fill your house with the merchandise.

No need to send . The packages of merchandise sold are sent by the wholesaler / distributor saving you time and the hassle of weighing packages and avoiding trips to the post office.

Sales by catalog . Very effective method to expand, create a catalog and send it to your client portfolio to earn more money.

Disadvantages of having a dropshipping business

Little control over the goods . You will have difficulty accurately describing your articles to potential customers, especially if they want additional information such as material composition. In most cases, obtaining such information will be necessary and you should contact the supplier on behalf of the customer.

Little control over shipping . If the wholesalers / distributors lose or the merchandise breaks, this will fall on you. Again, you will need to work with your wholesaler / distributor to rectify the situation.

Liability falls on the retailer . No matter whose fault it is, you are primarily responsible for making everything go well for the customer. Never give your wholesaler / distributor information to the customer or tell him or her to contact the wholesaler directly; This is not only very unprofessional, it also runs the risk that the customer will go directly with the wholesale company.


If you do things well you can make good money by means of dropshipping. This is one of the 27 ways to make money online that you can use as a full time job and live the business.

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