How to Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

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In essence, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a virtual job market that works with human intelligence. This type of activity allows companies to access through this market and through different types of virtual workers every time they need them.

Online developers have the opportunity to participate in the program by incorporating their skills and creating applications.
The reality is that even if technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, there will always be tasks that human beings can perform more effectively than computers, such as identifying things in photographs or videos, transcribing audio recordings or simply searching for detailed information In data.

Tasks of this nature done in the traditional way occupy a huge expenditure of temporary staff, which becomes too expensive. Well the goal of Mechanical Turk is to provide access to human intelligence in any type of task, be it easy or difficult.

Companies or developers who need someone to do these jobs or “HITs” can use the powerful APIs of Mechanical Turk to have instant access to many employees tailored to either low or high quality And a variety of prices. Best of all, they can choose from the whole world. Then using the programming can integrate the results of these jobs into their operating systems.

Mechanical Turk gives the opportunity to companies and developers to achieve their goals quickly and cheaply.

How to earn money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

In Amazon MTurk business owners and developers often offer tasks to perform simple and repetitive and they put the price. The simplest ones are paid in cents. They can be marking objects in an image, listening phrases of telephone calls and verifying that the text that is seen is what the audio says, writing an article or several of different subjects, etc.

The tasks are called HIT (Human Intelligence Task) and some have no restrictions to carry them out, but in others people need to be qualified. HITs may have a list of the qualifications needed for each task. Those who do not have these qualifications, can take a test to obtain them. Several of these tests consist only in clicking the button to accept, however there are many in which you need to fill out a questionnaire and depending on the score you can check how qualified a person is.

The issue is that you pay for each HIT. In most jobs, they only pay pennies, but they are very short and can be done in a short time.

This type of work is to make extra money and is worth doing only if time is left over.


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