How to earn money with Fiverr

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Today the ways to make money online are endless. There are many ways to make money by offering services and one of these ways is Fiverr. In this platform you can make money by offering services such as photo editing, editing / creating videos, content writing, SEO services, social networks, graphic design, etc.

What is Fiverr? This is a brief explanation for those who still do not know how Fiverr works. Fiverr is a relatively new way of making money through an independent work platform, but as a micro-service. You can buy or sell all kinds of services or Gigs for $ 5 dollars.

What separates Fiver from other similar sites is that it is not necessary to have programming knowledge or anything else related to the Internet. You can submit your job offers and learn to do anything for which people are willing to pay.

There are different categories of service offerings such as: programming, social marketing and graphics, there are also categories of fun and quirky things or suggestions and tips.

An example of the services you can offer would be to make a video singing happy birthday, draw a comic character, etc.

Because of the unique opportunities offered by Fiverr, the website has quickly become one of the most visited on the Web. Shortly after Fiverr jumped to success, many similar ones began to appear and with the same purpose. Offer micro service deals for $ 5 dollars.

Fiverr offers you opportunities to do anything and everything you can imagine.

There will always be customers for you to earn money from your offers. Registration is completely free. Just think about your job offers, put them on the site and wait for potential customers to reach you.

One of the most important things is that buyers can give feedback or opinion about their services after they have been delivered. Of course it can be either positive or negative. It is obvious that the more positive comments a client has, the more services they will ask for.

When you are looking for deals in Fivver you can search them in order of importance with respect to which you have the most positive comments.

You earn $ 3.92 from Fiverr after each service is completed. $ 1 is the Fiverr rate, and $ 0.08 is for PayPal for processing the transaction.

It is possible for a person to earn up to over $ 1000 a month with fiverr . But it is necessary to follow some simple tips for that …

On Fiverr, the tasks and services on offer are called ” gigs “. You can win up to $ 4 per gig sold . A gig costs $ 5, but a dollar is left fiverr by offering the platform to make money .

Now, one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to selling on fiverr is that the time it takes to complete a gig. You must be fast completing the gigs and not waste much time on one in particular.

Another option that many people are doing right now is selling ebooks on fiverr . This is an excellent idea, because once you have already written and uploaded the ebook to fiverr you just have to send it by email to the person who buys it.

Taking advantage of the extra “gigs”

One of the keys to making money with fiverr is to take advantage of the extra gigs. For example, if you are offering an SEO service, such as a web page SEO report, where you show the things that that client should improve on your website to achieve good positions in Google, you can also include an additional gig in which You offer your SEO service and thus you do the work for him. In this case it would be, for example improve linkbuilding.

The bonus of the extra gigs is that you do not need to be worth $ 5, but you can sell them for $ 10 if you want.
Tips to make money with Fiverr

– Be on time. If you take too long to complete orders, it will negatively affect your reputation and positioning on fiverr.
– Make it very clear what you are going to offer to avoid problems and misunderstandings with customers
– Ask your customers to leave you reviews , most will accept

How do you stand out from the crowd in Fiverr?

First, you have to be polite to your prospects. Nice and attentive sellers get good reviews, have to be always polite and willing to answer some questions from buyers. Your personalized service can increase your sales exponentially.

And do not forget the comments. As I mentioned earlier, buyers like to see good ratings with positive comments.

Be unique. Take a look at the sales category similar to yours. From promotions, people love promotions.

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