8 Ways to Make Money with a Blog

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In this guide, I willl show you Ways to Make Money with a Blog. Without wasting your time, let’s get started right away…

1.  Use Google Adsense

Without a doubt the easiest method to implement to make money and the one that gives less profitability . With a CTR (Click-through rate,% of clicks in the banners) that is currently difficult to reach 1%, and with an RPM (Revenue per mile, return for every 1,000 visits) that costs a lot to go up 1$ or even $ 0.50, you just have to do accounts to see how many visits we need to get some money. For example with 1,000 visits a day, we would get 0.50 $ on average (let’s get in a bad case). In one month it would be $ 15 ($ 0.50 * 30).

The truth is that Google AdSense needs a lot of visits and a strong optimization to increase the number of clicks, becoming really profitable, and yet there comes a time when the maintenance costs of the blog makes it better to use other methods Advertising. If we want to generate € 1,000 a month, we would need 66,000 visits a day ($ 1,000 / 30 = $ 33 / day $ 33 / $ 0,50 * 1,000 visits = 66,000 visits) with an RPM of 0 , 50 $.

The good thing about Google Adsense is that it is very easy to implement.

2. Join an Affiliate Network

When usingfor the right affiliate program for your blog, you will agree to provide links to the products of some companies and in return will pay you for each reader to make a purchase after clicking on your link . Affiliate marketing is nothing more than a specific type of CPA advertising in which the action that the user has to perform is to buy something. That is, you act as a commercial , promoting in your blog a product or service of another company, which pays you a commission each time you generate a sale . Affiliate platforms work as follows:

  1. Sign up as an affiliate
  2. Through the platform you create special links with your identifier , which point to the page of the product to promote
  3. You put those links in your blog (in banners, text links, etc.)
  4. A reader clicks on any of those links, makes a purchase in the next X days (X depends on the company) and you take a commission
  5. At the end of the month you enter into your checking account the total amount of all commissions

The first affiliate program in history was Amazon, but nowadays there are many more and practically in all sectors: travel, telephony, digital products … To find them you just have to search in Google the name of the company followed by the Word “affiliates”. Sometimes it is the companies themselves that manage their affiliate programs, but the most common is that they do it through affiliate networks.

The amount of the commission varies depending on the company, and ranges from 3-5% over the sale price in the case of physical products up to 50-70% when it comes to digital products. The key to success with affiliation is to intercept the users who are in the middle of the buying process and take them to your blog , and the most common way to do this is by writing articles about offers or product reviews and positioning them on Google for terms commercial. I explain.

Note : If someone searches the word “coffee maker” on Google, you do not know what the intention is. He may want to buy a coffee pot, but maybe he already has one and he has broken down, or maybe he is a boy looking for photos of coffee machines for a school job. However, if you are looking for “buy coffee maker”, “coffee analysis Nesspreso” or “coffee price Tassimo”, we know that you are thinking about buying a coffee maker and, therefore, it is much more likely to end up generating a sale. This second type of user is the one that interests you to visit your blog.

3.  Sell sponsored links

With the methods seen so far we use the blog as a platform to show advertising, just like a magazine or a television show, but there are ways to monetize it that can only be applied on the Internet, and it is through sponsored links . This practice can be divided into two categories:

Links to improve in SEO : they are hyperlinks that the client pays us and we have to include in some post with specific words and anchor text (title of the link) to make the pages better their positioning in search engines, especially in Google. This practice is penalized by Google if we do it wrong, so it is always very important to include the attribute rel = “nofollow” in the links purchased, as well as a warning that it is a sponsored link, so that Google does not penalize us. This is denied many customers, as they achieve an improvement in SEO much lower, so it is the decision of each to play a penalty in Google, which is very difficult to overcome. The only good thing about this way of making money is that it only requires to include a link and you can win between € 50 and € 500 depending on the positioning of your blog

Advertising links : The advertising links are the same, but they are looking for your readers to know your website, so you have no problem in that we put the sponsored link warning and the attribute rel = “nofollow”

4.  Post Sponsored Articles or Posts

Sponsored posts can also be of two types:

  1. Articles or posts that seek SEO positioning : They only look for you to write a topic and include your link (remember, always with rel = “nofollow”
  2. Articles or posts sponsored : The first ones only look for you to write a topic and include your link (remember, always with rel = “nofollow”), and the second are an advertizing that we publish on the blog. The sponsored post is a very powerful advertising tool if it is applied well, so it is not advisable to stay short when it comes to collecting them, or accepting gifts of an amount that does not correspond to the actual value of a sponsored post, always higher than € 100. Of course, the sponsored post always has to be written by yourself, since many companies offer to send you the text, and that can lead to another penalty by Google, considering it duplicate content, since they usually send that same text To several blogs.

Each one with his blog does what he wants and writes of what he wants, but talk about a product that you do not like, that you notice that you only talk about him because you have given him or that does not fit with your theme seems to me a grave Error that affects the most important thing in the blog: its readers .

Many bloggers interested in making money with their blog, just simply monetize their blog with Google Adsense or perhaps some affiliate program. That does not mean that it is badly done, but there are other platforms that can facilitate you to start generating income with your blog. The business is clear, as a blogger you put your content , and as an advertiser you buy the blog where you want to advertise and the broker takes a percentage . The first thing you have to do is register yourself. Since then, these services generate a tab with your blog that will guide advertisers, as it is clear that the price of the banner or mention in social networks will depend on the impact you can have on the audience.

Note : In summary, the sponsored post is one of the fastest ways to get money with your blog , but if you do not do well you can spoil everything created after months and months of hard effort, so do not take it lightly The publicity that is accepted to publish. Always try to collect the post or link published in a few days, since there are times that the “client” mysteriously disappears and it may be months before we realize deleting the post

5.  Sell your blog

Have you ever wondered if you could make money by selling a blog ? Before answering these questions it should be noted that it is not necessary to be a web expert , simply having a little imagination, analytical skills, research and some time. When it comes to selling a blog, it is normal to do it according to the statistics of 1 year , which will be the data that you are asked by potential buyers. So you can choose to sell it fast and earn money fast or wait and be able to earn more and therefore invest more time.

6.  Sell products by incorporating an online store

This is one of the best ways you have to make money with your blog . In addition, in most cases, selling your products will help you boost your personal brand as an expert in your niche. The possibilities are many, you just have to choose the theme, think about the medium in which you best develop and make your product.

T-shirts with funny designs, songs on iTunes, ebooks, your book on Amazon, a compilation of videos in which you teach to play the guitar in 1 month; A compilation of podcasts in which you interview characters recognized in your field; your photos; Your paintings; And anything else your talent can produce. I recommend that you focus your activity on digital products. They are very easy to edit and distribute. How do I sell them? To sell ebooks use E-junkie the ClickBank . For T-shirts you can use Spreadshirt and Districtlines (there are many more).

Many blog topics are not easy to relate to products to sell. Remember that you do not need to sell something to earn money , but if it matches your blog, do it. Another option, which I see much more feasible, is once you have got traffic on your blog of a specific topic you talk to a supplier, a physical store that distributes those products and pactas a commission for sale, this will save you all the logistics, storage , Shipments, create the product, etc … that is much more complex. You happen to be an intermediary to commission, perhaps less profitable but much more practical when managing your time. Do not enslave yourself with a particular product and it is much more flexible.

Note : Within these suppliers there are Dropshiping companies , these provide the product and make the shipment in your name, you have to go carefully in choosing these types of companies, because few are functioning relatively well

7.  Consulting or coaching services

Generating a great online reputation can impact your online activity. You can offer consulting services to your audience or ask yourself to take the leap to the stage by conducting training sessions or presentations. You are an expert in your niche or at least so your readers see you. Make the most of your reputation. Many bloggers do it and some of them quite successfully by the way. For private consulting there are no barriers. Any niche is likely to generate consulting opportunities. Among your readers will be many people who want to know more detailed information on how to enter your niche with the wind in favor. You just have to put in the view of your visitors a tab (with the title “Consulting”, “contract me” or “work with me”) that sends you to the page of your blog where you report your services. Here’s how a professional blogger: Chris Brogan’s Work With Me .

It is advisable to put your experience as a consultant, your preparation and, if you think it appropriate, prices per hour. The prices that are being charged for the blogosphere vary considerably, although a person with a reputation will charge between 200 and 300 euros per hour. The process is usually as follows:

  1. The person interested in hiring you sends an email explaining your needs
  2. You respond by telling him whether you can help him or not. If you can help, in the same email you tell how and when you have to make the payment, usually to a Paypal account, and, in addition, you ask him to send you a new email with all the things you would like to deal with in the session
  3. At the agreed date and time the session is held. The most common is to do it via Skype, record the conversation and send it to your client so you can listen to it as many times as you want. Although you and your client can agree to do it in a way that fits you better

8. Make money with your blog is easy and viable

By last. Sure there are and are coming up many more ways to make money with a blog , here I have highlighted the ones that seem more relevant to me, as I discover things, I will expand the list, so if anyone knows more methods to make money With a blog , I would be grateful to have it in the comments and, delighted, I’ll add them to the list.

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