7 Ways to Make Money With PayPal

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In today’s article we will talk about some ways to make money with PayPal. The possibilities of making money with PayPal are many. There are thousands of methods, but today I will talk about some that I have tried personally and with which I have earned a good amount of money.

So let’s get started:

1. Sell an ebook

The first method is quite simple and anyone (who knows how to write) can do it. If you do not know how to write, you can ask someone to help you or ask an editor.

What is this method? Very simple:

1. Write the ebook

2. Upload it to a landing page

3. Place the “buy” button from PayPal.

4. Promote the ebook

The first step is simple, you just have to write (or order from a copywriter) a 15-30 page ebook about a specific problem. For example: “how to increase muscle mass in 30 days” or “how to quit smoking” .

Choose a niche where you think you can solve a problem and write a small ebook giving the solution to that problem. But remember:

  • The ebook must be original (not copied from any page or other ebook)
  • It must be of quality and help the person who reads it. The person is giving you money to help you solve their problems.
  • Must not have spelling mistakes. (No need to comment here).

The second step is to upload to a landing page. The landing page will be the sales page of the ebook, where you will put a miniature of the ebook, its advantages and explain a bit about the problem that it deals with. And below the “buy” button is placed.

To increase the conversion I recommend you put “about the author” piece , where you talk a bit about the author and why that potential buyer should read your ebook. You can invent a name as a pseudonym if you’d like.

There are many ways to create a landing page. I use this plugin called Profit Builder. It costs a little money but is a great plugin that has an excellent conversion ratio.  So the small amount that you pay is totally worth it.

There are many tutorials, both on YouTube and on the web, to make landing pages for free. This plugin – Profit Builder, however will save you lots of time in the long run.  It’s literally a drag and drop powerful plugin that will easily create great looking landing pages for you no matter what your niche is!

The fourth step is the most important . It consists of promoting your landingpage to start getting sales.

There are several ways to promote your ebook:

  1. Free : Twitter, Facebook Groups, YouTube, your topic forums, blog comments etc.
  2. Paid : Facebook Ads, buy mentions on social networks, buying reviews on other blogs, etc.

How much can you earn by selling an ebook? It depends on how good you are promoting and the pricing you have placed on your book. A reasonable price for an ebook of just over 20+ pages would be $ 7 .


2. Freelance

A Freelancer is a self-employed person who works for other companies or other professionals without having a permanent contract with them.

Personally I have tried several Freelance companies and the one I like most is Fiverr . If you have some skill that you think might be in demand, this is a great way to get money on PayPal .

What jobs can you do as Freelance? It depends your abilities, but the works most demanded are:

  • Graphic design
  • Creation of websites
  • Writing articles
  • Translations
  • Video Production
  • Marketing
  • Works with Excel
  • SEO
  • Analysis of data
  • Creation of applications
  • Virtual Assistants

If you do not have any of these skills, do not worry. These are just some of the most demanded, but there are many more. I for example, have done jobs of all kinds, from uploading videos to YouTube , to commenting on blogs or downloading files from Dropbox. These are quite easy jobs and do not require much knowledge or experience.

What companies to use for Freelance?

There are several, but the best known are:

All these companies pay by PayPal.


3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a site similar to Freelance platforms, with the difference that everything here is worth 5 $ . What? Only $5? For that money is not worth any effort! This was the first impression I had when I first visited the fiverr page.

How ingenuous it was … A few months later I went back to Fiverr and this time I had a buyer, yes only 5 $, but once and again and again and again …

So what does it take to get money on Fiverr?

Fiverr is virtually identical to any other site to make money . You register, complete all the necessary information, click on Enter, and voila! Your account is a gold mine.

To start getting money on fiverr , just like on other freelance sites, you must have some talent that people are willing to pay for .

If you can not think of any skills you can sell, do not worry, go to fiverr and see what it is that is selling and takes ideas from there. But remember to specify well what you are going to sell so that there is no confusion. It is also important to choose the niche nicely, since some have more competitors than others.

Once you have created your account and specified your work, the orders should not be late.


4. Sell Reviews / Mentions

If you have a website with a lot of traffic or a fan-page with many fans, a great way to get some money is by selling reviews to other Webmasters.

You can contact them directly through their web pages and offer your service reviews or find them in forums.

The price of a review depends on the quality of your website (Domain Authority, Page Authority, the number of backlinks you have etc).


5. Writing Articles

If you’re a good copywriter, a quick way to make money on PayPal is by writing articles for other companies. Some pages like the ones listed below pay you for your articles.

The earnings that you get out of the articles is measured by the words you have and by the quality.


6. Adf.ly

Adf.ly is another way to get money through PayPal. Adfly is a place to shorten URLs. Your job will be to shorten links and promote it to get clicks. Adfly will pay you a commission for each click. Payments depend on each country.


7. Doing Paid Surveys

Many companies want to know your opinion about their products and services, that is why they offer paid surveys and pay the people who do them. Your job will be to answer these questions and collect.

These are some of the methods that I have personally used. I hope they were helpful. If you enjoyed the article, subscribe to the blog and you will be get new ideas every week in your mail and do not forget to share this post.



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