10 Websites You Can Make Money Working as a freelancer

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Working as a freelancer , whether from home or from an office, has become for many a very interesting option since the internet boom. There are many advantages to this, not only for the individual itself, but for companies , who see reduced operating costs , since they do not have to “pay a chair” to a person who can work from home .

It really is what comes to be what we have always called telework , although with the crisis and the Anglicisms call it offers of freelance jobs . In short, we are faced with a model of self- employment, in which the user assumes certain professional tasks, generally framed within a specific period of time or volume of work, for which they will receive a remuneration agreed in advance to the Completion of the work or according to the agreement reached in the negotiation of the contract.

These are really jobs that do not offer a contract model (such as the one that can offer a job), so issues such as social security and the expenses that the work generates are borne by the worker, who adopts for all purposes The figure of the self-employed worker .

I have not mentioned technology , the great promoter of this whole market. Without technology there would be no freelance work as we know it today. It is the technology that has driven the demand, and created a market that every year is bigger and bigger. That is why many freelance websites on the web dedicated precisely to freelancing .

One issue to take into account in the operation of these websites is that in their job or work offers , regardless of the choice of a premium or free account, all are charged a commission on the final amount received, each time That we do a freelance job .

In this article I will present to you the best international websites to work as a freelancer . Here we go…

# 1 99designs

99Designs is a platform that hosts a number of designers worldwide , who compete with each other to take the project and money stipulated by the client. The dynamic is as follows: if a customer needs a design for his company, it will publish the necessary features for it in 99Designs and these will be sent to the designers registered in the platform, who will compete among them to win the project.

If you have great skills as a graphic designer or web designer , this is one of the first freelance work sites that you should visit since this platform is not only based on logo design , but also you can find web designers or designers specialized in Shirts, for example. The main idea is to become a good designer focused on a category because throughout your career, while you are winning projects among your competitors, you will be climbing positions and with that your services will be better paid .

# 2 Aquent

Aquent offers its services in several English speaking countries, which is a great advantage for the self- employed who speak English. It is demonstrated in the testimonies of clients such as Game, Telva or Yelmo Cinemas. In this platform you will be able to find digital marketing work all over the world, besides with the possibility of training you because the web has free online courses.

# 3 College Recruiter

Collegue Recruiter is a space where those who have little experience or are looking to acquire it are welcome. It is not useful for those who are looking for large profit margins or test their knowledge on large or important projects. The platform connects incoming graduates and / or recent graduates with work proposals that require little experience and fresh, enthusiastic talent.

Although the payments are not high, they point to applicants who want to start making a career and test their skills, it is even an interesting vehicle of entry to strengthen labor relations that can later become part or full time jobs.

# 4 Work Job

Computrabajo is the leading network of employment portals in Latin America . Each month, half a million job offers are published, and it is available to all Latin American countries (except Brazil). The difference with the rest of the pages is that here you will find both work from home and jobs outside of it . And you can look for them not only by your country, but by the department or state in which you live.

There are thousands of different jobs: waiters, receptionists, web editor, nurses, graphic designer … It’s a really complete web! And it will be you with your employer who decides how you want to collect the money.

# 5 Crowded

Crowded aims to solve the problem of supply and demand in job opportunities by answering the following questions: How do freelancers find work opportunities ?, and Where can companies hire efficient freelancers? Crowded takes freelance job ads from multiple platforms on demand and enables them on their network for freelancers. The company was founded just a year ago, and already has more than 11,000 freelancers and 400 associated platforms. Do not be surprised if this freelance work platform in 2016 becomes much larger, given the growth it has had so far.

# 6 Elance

Elance one of the best pages to look for freelance jobs and one of the best known. It has the largest volume of job offers , where registration for the user is free, although, as in most of these portals, there is a payment option that generates a much more effective use of the platform.

# 7 Envato Studio

Envato is an online company with a multitude of services focused on design and programming, such as the repository of web templates , Theme Forest. Microlancer is the portal of Envato designed to connect customers and freelancers , ensuring a healthy environment in a mature community. Unfortunately, only the best freelancers can be part of this portal and are not accepting new applications at the moment. In any case, stay tuned for when they reopen

# 8 Fiverr

One of the reasons to name Fiverr as one of the best pages to work as a freelancer has been its exponential growth in recent years. This is a different proposal than the previous ones. Already from the system of commission for employment, we find something highly recommended from the point of view of the beginner, who defines himself as a micro site freelance for mini-jobs . It may not be at the same volume level as the other pages, but it is a recommended experience.

# 9 Flexjobs

Another way of approaching supply / demand management in the world of freelance work. FlexJobs , instead of selling its service to the companies, does it to the applicants who pay a sum to receive periodically offers, more than 30,000 that the site has evaluated and qualified as legitimate, allowing to contact the companies through the information that The portal provides.

In addition, the system offers applicants proficiency testing, tips for the proper use of their account, discounts and offers for different types of members, in order to generate loyalty among their users by putting extra benefits at their disposal.

# 10 Freelancer

Freelancer is another giant of the freelance job offer . It is a page that has more than 4 million users and a volume of very high freelance job offers . We will not find great differences with other pages or platforms beyond the system of payment by subscription, which is very open in terms of possibilities, also contemplating the possibility of free access. In this case the page is presented totally in Castilian .

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